DOLL fitted face mask with filter pocket tutorial

FOR 14” and 18” DOLLS

**Note: These files are being made for free to help children cope with the trauma associated with the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. You are free to use the files to make your own masks, but please do not sell masks made with this pattern. Consider donating them to bring a smile to a child's face during this scary time.  

Materials Needed:  

·         1/8 yard of fabric (in two contrasting colors if desired)
·         1/4” or 1/8" elastic
o   14” doll: 7” and 5” pieces (one each)
o   18” doll: 7.5” and 6” pieces (one each)
·         Optional: scrap pieces of flannel fabric for play filter pieces, cut with scissors or pinking shears
o   14” doll: 1” x 1.5” pieces 
o   18” doll: 1.5” x 2.5” pieces


SVG files available for download here

**Important! For SVG file users, please use the following information to resize your cut files to the appropriate size. Failure to do so will result in a file that is imported extremely large!

While group is still selected, resize to the required dimensions (see below). Adjust x and y axis to "1" to move image into the viewing field. Ungroup and delete 1" square box.

  • 14" dolls: 9.16" width (7.683" height)
  • 18" dolls: 9.845" width (8.47" height)

  • Open file and click print
  • Make sure your printer properties are set to “actual size” or “100% scale” and hit print
  • Before cutting ensure that the 1” square box is correct
  • Place pattern on top of fabric and cut 2 mirrored copies of the main piece, and 2 mirrored copies of the lining.

Completed Pieces
After cutting, you should end up with a pile of pieces similar to the photos below:


  1. Finish opening of pocket piece by serging or turning in 1/4” and topstitching 1/8” from edge as shown

  2. Place lining pieces RIGHT side together, and sew along the outside of the curve, pivoting 90° roughly 3/8” in from the edge that you just finished, and sewing straight up towards the raw edge. Repeat on the other side. The two pieces should now be sewn together with a hole in the middle that will become your pocket. Clip corners and trim 1/4” away from seam to reduce bulk. 
  3. Take your main pieces and place them RIGHT sides together. Sew along the outer curve as shown. Clip curve and trim 1/4” away from seam.
  4. Flip the main and lining pieces right side out and pin RIGHT sides together, matching center seams. Sew along the top and bottom edges, as shown. Be careful not to catch your pocket as you are sewing across the center seams. Clip curves and trim 1/4” away from seams.
  5. Insert one end of your longest piece of elastic into the side against the top seam, leaving roughly ¼” sticking out, with the free end facing the middle of the mask. Repeat on the opposite end (of the shorter side) for the bottom seam with your shorter piece of elastic. Sew entire side, making sure to backstitch over elastic. Continue threading elastic through to the other short side, sewing both pieces of elastic in place. Your long and short pieces of elastic should now be straight across the long edges. Clip corners and trim 1/4” away from seams to reduce bulk.

  6. Using the pocket hole, flip right side out then carefully topstitch 1/8” around the edges. You are done!